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About Salsa Levels: mission is to make you fall in love with Salsa, not to teach you figures. We bring a "fresh" and different approach to the method of sharing the dance we love.

We strongly believe this is the main ingredient that makes our energy and passion so popular. With that in mind, many of the names and elements we use are very different from what you would normally find in any other dancing academy.

We recommend you to come with an open mind and with a big smile. To have a better experience and keep up with the rest of the students, please join a class on a level expecting to be surprised. We have some descriptions below, however, we recommend you to come to a level based on the descriptions below.* Maybe try a level lower. We promise it will always be fun.

Level 1 - Beginner


No previous knowledge required!

This includes people that have not had classes at all or maybe just a couple. Still don't understand the "dynamics" of exchange of balance and you don't feel confident about joining a "Rueda" (or maybe you don't know what that is). It looks fun though and you look forward to learning!

In this level you will learn the following elements and moves: Base 1, Base 2, Base 3, Casino Base, Mambo, Vuelta, Dile que no, Dame, Balance exchange, Vacilon, "Vacilon-Mentira", and you will do your first "Rueda".

Level 2 - Improver

Between 3 to 5 Beginner classes recommended.

You know "Dile que no" and basic moves such as "Dame". Therefore, you can join a "Rueda" without panic. However, you still need to learn more elements to master your base while "doing other things" with your hands. 

In this level you will learn the following elements and moves: Enchufla, Enchufla doble, Sombrero, Dedo, Vasilala, Exhibela among others. 


Level 3 - Semi-Intermediate

At least 5 Improver (New) classes or more recommended depending on the student.

You feel very comfortable with your "Dile que no". You don't always have to count in your head while doing casino base, listening to salsa without even thinking about it. You want to be able to work on your figure variety but also keep learning proper technique. You know "Enchufla" and "Sombrero" and are looking for more complicated things.

In this level you will learn and master figures and elements such as: Crossed base, Giro, Peinala, Ochos, Setenta, Kentuky, Setenta y uno, Setenta y dos, Half Sombrero among many many others.


Level 4 - Intermediate/Advanced

You could do "Dile que no" in your sleep and you can walk to school/work doing casino base, listening to salsa without even thinking about it.

You look for challenging elements, "Rueda" dynamics, balancing and technique and styling tips; not only figures. This is the real and fun and Salsaholics Experience. It took some time and effort to get here but now it's time to enjoy and shine in the dance floor.

The elements and figures you will learn on this level vary a lot. They are mostly unseen in the Prague dancing stage and atmosphere.



* constantly monitor attendance and demand to program new levels and come with new ways to deliver the best possible experience. teachers reserve the right to commend students to go to another level to maintain the level and standard of a class for the rest of the attendants. If this is the case, an appropriate compensation for the class missed can be accommodated.

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