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Meet Salsaholics Founders

Hi! We are

Roza & Jose

Two salsa addicted people

We have been teaching Salsa for several years. We love what we do and we do it with love!


Salsaholics in La Macumba!


How music and dance made us be...

Salsaholics mission is to share a healthy and fun activity that has changed our lives and the life of many of our now friends. We are focused on teaching Cuban Salsa in a simple way that promotes unexpected friendships to happen and communities to emerge. The only thing left to lose, is the fear ❤️

For founders, Salsa became the way to break barriers of language and culture. As expats in a  country far away from their respective homes, they found each other as part of an unspoken community. In Prague the cold was broken by the warmth of the dance. No matter where were you from or what was your background. In dancing we all had one thing in common. We wanted to move at the same beat. That gave us community and belonging and immediately hundreds of friendships started to arise. 

One of those "unexpected" friendships came between a Mexican and an Azerbaijan that would have had nothing in common otherwise. Another powerful story of success from the dance they loved. For years, the energy they shared attracted other people regardless of where they were from. Roza and Jose decided then to formalize the sharing of the knowledge, love, fun and passion they had with whoever was feeling it. That's how all these elements came together and was born. 

About our Salsa Teaching Style

Salsa developed from the mix of Afro-Cuban folklore and popular dance styles as Rumba, Son, ChaChaCha, Mambo, Yoruba (Orishas) and so on. The Salsa dancing style specializes is called Casino or Cuban. This is a mixture between Salsa Casino, Rueda Casino, Timba and a little bit of Rumba.


We believe that dancing changing couples has been what has made our dancing skills what they are today. Our main goal and objectives is to get our students to do a "Rueda" (Salsa Circle) as soon as possible so that the dynamics of changing couples come natural, intuitive and fun to all our students. This will give all our students essential elements that will improve both social dancing and "planed Rueda" (called by a leader) abilities. 

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