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Frequently Asked Questions

1. You don’t need a partner. You can come on your own. The couple pass will allow you to have a special discount though!

2. You don't need any reservation. For now there is no need to book a spot for our classes. You can just show up before the class.

3. For registration, please, come 15 minutes in advance for your first class. If class time is unfortunately lost during registration during the first class, it can’t be replaced afterwards.

4. For now payments can be done by Cash, Debit/ Credit Card, Bank Transfer or *MultiSport BeneFit Card.

5. Passes for multiple classes are not bound to any specific level. You can use them for different levels as you advance in your Salsa experience! However, you can't transfer your pass to another person.

6. Passing from one level to the next can be done on self motivation. However, certain standards of Cuban salsa knowledge must be met to keep up with the level and quality for everyone’s enjoyment. Read more below in “About Salsa Levels” section.

7. You can start attending the classes anytime and attend as many classes as you want. The classes are not in the format of courses. Our teaching method allows you to start dancing any day or any time, which is comfortable for you.

8. IMPORTANT: Classes taught in La Macumba will generally include the entrance fee to the club for that day (unless stated otherwise). However, students are not allowed to bring outside drinks and or food to the club.


  • Bring comfortable shoes or dancing shoes if you want to.

  • Be conscious and careful of your self hygiene.

  • Smile a lot, it's time to have fun!

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